Akthar.co.uk (Akthar UK) is an online supermarket which features a wide range of quality products. Our mission statement is, "To sell products at a low competitive price", which is why the Akthar UK Slogan consists of, great products, great prices. Since our launch through the online establishment in early 2007, we slowly started to dominate the online shopping industry by featuring products ranged from laptops to toys and games, mobile phones to health and beauty products, which are only a few categories but by covering a large sector of popular online shopping categories, we were able to quickly benefit from the customer's purchases and in return we received a lot of excellent reviews which are available in most of our product detail pages.

As well as quickly dominating the market, statistics showed that not only were we pleasing thousands of customers, our super-fast delivery turnaround-which averages 48 hours for your purchase to reach your door, was definitely an attribute that Akthar.co.uk had that no other online store can compare to. In other words, our super-fast delivery turnaround is second to none and same day delivery is also available to receive your purchase that extra bit faster which is usually less than 24 hours from your payment. Secure payment is very important to us as we want to customer to have an excellent experience when they are purchasing their great product at a great price, therefore we work with Amazon in order to give the most secure online payment as Amazon and Google work together with the banks, therefore with these respectable known names you know you will be secure whilst making your payments and this is a guaranteed promise especially by Akthar.co.uk (Akthar UK) and Amazon (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com). In the future we are hoping to continuously grow through the power of the Internet, as well as social media, searches, and word of mouth of our great products and great prices.

We hope that once you have had a purchase experience with us to let your family and friends know so they can also receive these amazing benefits, We would like to thank all customers who have purchased from us and especially customers who have continuously have done so so these last 6 years. Our sales team is always a click away, so if you have any questions please see our Contact Us page and a representative from our sales team will shortly respond, usually within 24 hours (but average respond time is (2-4 hours).


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